"Roanoke Island," a 24x36 inch Original Abstract Painting

"Roanoke Island," a 24x36 inch Original Abstract Painting


A part of the "wild" collection. The dark green is mixed with the deepest blue to create an almost wave-like motion of the buds springing upward, untamed and abundant.


From my artist statement for the collection:

I painted florals this spring for two reasons. First, they are inseparable from my memory of my grandmother. The anniversary of her death is coming up on May 31. She was a tremendous influence on me (notably she taught me how to paint and instilled me with an interest in creating). Grandma had a green thumb for gardening, and a lot of my childhood memories are decorated with these wild flora in her overgrown yard. Hydrangea, wisteria, roses, grapes, just to name a few. I can't keep a plant alive unless it's a resilient cactus - but I hope to keep my grandmother's memory alive in the floral paintings. In them, I have my own garden. 

The second reason why I chose to paint florals is because they were the perfect symbol for mental illness. My work always discusses what it's like to live with mental illness, but for this collection I wanted to focus on a particular topic. I have always struggled with the "wildness" of my illness. I have felt like a wild animal lived inside of me that would behave unpredictably and dangerously. But I think that wild animal is sometimes acting out of fear and caution, and one of the best things I've done to manage my illness is to approach the wild animal with gentle acceptance. Let it know that I don't want to kill it, and I don't want to cage it. I just want to make it feel safe and loved. It has a home in me. From this, comes my abundance in creativity, growing wild like a garden that is more beautiful than I imagined when I was in my darkest days.


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