How Life Affects Art

How Life Affects Art

Everything we do as artists influences us. When we put the brush to canvas, we are translating what we've seen in the world to paints and colors. Whether we intend it or not, our unique point of view is the main ingredient in each of our paintings, sketches, and color studies.

We all have a point of view. This comes from our backgrounds, every single aspect of what has made us who we are. Some impacts are bigger than others, but it's impossible to filter out any part of ourselves from our process. It's like we are tangled up in our process.

Taylor Lee Paints :: Work in progress

Here are samples of my past work, starting with September 2016. As you toggle through various collections, you will see a great transformation occurring in my paintings.

You'll see me try different techniques, and be inspired by different colors. Every single piece has helped me develop in significant ways. Every time we pick up the brush we improve and we get closer to our genuine voice as an artist, and THAT makes every sketch, every collection, every experiment so unexplainably value.

But, my most major influence this year has been a shift in my mindset. When I healed from my eating disorder, I had to learn how to listen to my body. When you starve yourself your body literally forgets how to tell you that you're hungry - you never feel it. As you start to refeed, with every bite, your body sort of wakes up and you gain an appreciation for listening to what your body is telling you.

The same happens with our minds. When we operate on autopilot - or just have too much other noise - we can't hear our inner voices. It's like starving. Your mind kind of stops growing, and it slows down and forgets how to tell you when something's up.

I've been working hard on listening to myself this year. I'd say my major influences this year were my grandmother dying, my residency, this road trip, and all of the books I read. All of these things effectively woke my mind up. Now, I can hear when it's hungry.

Even though my technical skills have develop with workshops, I think most of the shift in my art has happened in my head and my heart. 

Taylor Lee Paints :: Artist in Utah

In what ways have you shifted this year? 

Here are some excellent resources that will put you on the path to waking up your mind. We all need this:

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Guest Artist Series: Megan Gordon, "Art Meets Purpose"

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