Finding Your Style.

Finding Your Style.

Yeah, we're going to go there. 

"I want to find my style."

"How did you find your style?"

"When did you get to the point where you are now - your style is so unique!" 

I hear these all of the time, online and in-person. I've totally been in that position, asking other more established artists the same questions - even texting my non-artist friends to ask them to describe my art for me *cries*

Since I've been there I know that you love the feeling of creating, but you're completely stuck. A creative block is standing between you and your craft. Or maybe you are actively creating, but nothing feels like it's YOURS. You scroll on Instagram and see other artists' work that is so undeniably THEIRS and you want that same thing for yourself.

I've spent a lot of time on this topic for myself, working tirelessly on a canvas and then when I step back to look at it my first thought is "is this too whats-her-name?" What a terrible feeling, to have someone else in the forefront of your mind while you're doing what you love.

But here's the thing about finding your style: Let's really untangle what we are really searching for:

We are craving the ability to create something that is special. We want our creations to be so utterly unique because we think it will stake a claim over some kind of territory. We will have reached out and planted our flag on uncharted landscapes. Through this, we ourselves will be special, unique, one of a kind.

We also think that when we find our style, this long, toiling search for ourselves will be over. We think that when we know what kind of work we create, that will make creating SO. MUCH. EASIER.  

And I think that's what we really want. We think that having a style will mean that we can make choices on the canvas in a decisive way, whereas right now we just feel so lost.


Taylor Lee Paints :: Artist in the studio

This simply isn't how it works. The journey is never over! I was in the studio the other day creating charcoal sketches that felt undeniably MINE, and I felt a great surge of pride. But the next day, creating wasn't any easier. I still struggled to overcome the worries that crept up in my head, that I wouldn't be able to replicate those sketches, and that would mean that my "style" had escaped from my grasp. Yet again.

As artists, we have to recognize that our work will continue to be difficult. We must open up our mindset to allow ourselves to create even in the face of this struggle, while also leaving space for discovery in our physical creation.

I want to help you on your journey, because even though this is difficult and won't be over in a weekend, I do believe that the help of a mentor can speed up the process so much. Think of my role here as a guide.

Come to my studio to spend an afternoon with me. 

Here's what happens:

We start out with a heart-to-heart. I'll look at your portfolio and learn your story. We'll discuss why you create, when you started, what your reasons for continuing it are, and what you hope to discover. I'll give you lots of feedback, but I will also just LISTEN and let this guide the tone of our work for the rest of our workshop together.

I give you tangible techniques to help you overcome the fear of a blank page, while also leading you in an important mindset shift.

You get a curated box of supplies and get to keep whatever you create (I'm happy to ship these if the plane makes it difficult to travel with). We'll also take a lot of professional quality pictures, documenting the process, so you can look back on the experience and also use the photos on your website, social media, blog, etc. 

If you're interested, go ahead and pop over to this page.

You may also be interested in my new VLOG series, right here, all about finding your voice. Check out the new trailer here and be sure to sign up for both updates about the series and an updated ebook all about my favorite materials to use as an artist! 

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