Find Your Voice VLOG Trailer

Find Your Voice VLOG Trailer

Hey, Art maniacs!

This is going to be a new, completely FREE video series that focuses on finding your unique voice as an artist and also how to build a consistent creative habit that supports steady progression toward your goals! 

Imagine going to your local ice cream counter, and order a couple of scoops of flavors for a decadent sundae. Would you close your eyes and point at the flavors and toppings and just hope for the best? Or would you carefully consider all of your options and build a sundae that is sure to be full of flavors that go well together?

So if you wouldn't just close your eyes and point, why would you do that with your art? Haha, picture if you closed your eyes and pointed to a page in an art history textbook and committed that style? What if you ended up getting modern sculpture and had to put down your brushes forever? EW.

Through this video series I'm going to show you lots of tips and tricks to find your style as an artist. Why am I even qualified to give this advice? Good question. Last March I was actually called a FRAUD and went through a huge cleanse of my artwork in order to make sure it was 100% me. Over the last year I've especially focused on exploring all uncharted waters of my creativity, and there's still plenty of horizon ahead of me. 

Lots of metaphors so far. You should probably get used to that.

My odyssey across the self-taught artist waters has taught me useful ways to hone in on your voice (and total wastes of time to avoid). I have slowly but surely moved these practices into my daily routine, creating what I call my creative habit (after Twyla Tharp's book that discusses her process). I'm going to show you what that looks like for me, and hopefully inspire you to seize your wild creativity by the horns and ride that bucking bronco into the sunset happily....

...maybe I've gone too far with the metaphors.

I decided to do this video series because it's exactly the thing that I wish I had last March when that "fraud" comment left me floundering! 

Ultimately your creative journey is something that only YOU can do, and I can't hope to solve all of your problems. But I hope to be your Gandalf and sort of guide you along the way. Maybe take out a Balrog or two. Here the Balrog is a metaphor for imposter syndrome, procrastination, and self-sabotage, all things that I will shout "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" at while striking my paintbrush down and hopefully giving you enough time to escape the mines. 

WOW I really hope you've seen Lord of the Rings or this will make absolutely no sense.

This video series is for you if:

  • You are committed to growing your artistry skills

  • You are committed to incorporating habits and routines into your life that will support your creativity

  • You are a painter, illustrator, or any other artist who creates using tools that can be purchased at a Michael's
    *I do think photographers, etc can benefit from my talks about the creative habit, but most of the videos will come from my experience as a painter

  • You appreciate art that has meaning

  • You are looking for your unique voice as an artist

  • You rock and roll all night long (at least in your mind)

This series is NOT for you if:

  • You're going to ask me if I use acrylics or oils for the 5000th time

  • You believe that creativity is a magical fairy that floats down and blesses only the chosen few

  • You expect to get better at painting by sitting around and...not painting

  • You think you're going to create a masterpiece that will go into MoMa without any hard work or time dedicated to this craft at all

  • You want to keep painting the same thing over and over without ever changing

  • You are looking for tips on how to grow your Instagram following*
    *I am NOT an Instagram coach. I literally only ever regurgitate what Tyler J. McCall and Amira Rahim have said. GO PAY FOR THEIR SERVICES because they are much better than me at that whole game.

I'm also really encouraging that you comment on the blog posts right here, so I will be choosing a random commenter on EVERY vlog post to win a surprise! So be sure to comment :)


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Find Your Voice Episode 1: Your Inner Child is a Genius!

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