Note: I am currently accepting commissions that are floral themed. I would love to paint a piece inspired by your wedding bouquet, your grandma’s garden, or your favorite flower. This is the subject matter that I’m the most excited about at this time and I’d really like to focus my time and effort on this.

Here is an overview of the commission process. For more information, please see the Commissioned Work Agreement linked at the bottom of this page.

Requesting a Commission

Contact me at and tell me:

-What you're looking for, including any specific qualities you would like and your desired color palette. is a great website for generating shareable palette ideas, but I also love Pinterest boards!

-Which of my past works you like the most and why. This will help me understand your preferences and what kind of design you're looking for. While I don't recreate existing pieces, I am more than happy to create your new painting in a similar style. For example when we are deciding how to capture your bouquet, you could tell me if you’d like it a bit more abstract or more literal.

-Your desired dimensions. I usually work with 30x30 inches or 30x40 inches because they are my favorite, but I am open to other requests.

The Process

I will send you progress updates throughout the creation process: my initial draft, when it starts to really come together, and as I finish up. These are so that I can make adjustments based on your feedback and ensure that you are happy with your final piece. Please keep in mind that while I am committed to creating artwork that you will love, I can only make truly major changes (as in complete overhaul) once while still adhering to our agreed upon time-frame and budget. I will be very clear about my plans for your painting, and if you are also clear about your desires and expectations this will really not be an issue.

Prices and Payment

Pricing for commissions varies based on the dimensions of the painting and where it's being shipped. My commission pricing is 20% higher than my ready-made work. This is because of the extra time and attention that commission work requires.

Dimension options and pricing (I am currently unable to accept commissions that are smaller than this):

30x30 inches: $540

30x40 inches: $600 (plus oversize shipping fee of $80)

36x48 inches: $960 (plus oversize shipping fee of $120)

Once we have discussed and agreed on the details for your piece, you officially reserve your commission with a 50% deposit. This deposit is nonrefundable since I use it to purchase the materials for your piece and set aside time for the project. I will send you a payment link and you can pay online via my website (which accepts PayPal and major credit cards). The remaining balance of 50% and any shipping costs will be paid after you have approved your finished piece and before shipment.


I ship all pieces 30x40 inches and smaller ready to hang. Pieces larger than this are removed from their stretcher bars and shipped rolled in a tube *unless you are happy to pay extra for the oversize fee, which usually totals around $200.* I do this because at that size it is much safer and more cost-effective. I can help you find a framer in your area to re-stretch the canvas if you need help. I also recommend looking into Framebridge or Simply Framed as an option if you’d like to have the piece placed in a floater frame - which is breathtakingly beautiful.


The current turnaround time for new commissions is about 8 weeks, barring some serious illness or emergency. Please let me know if you have a specific date you need it finished by when you send me your commission request. I will update you about expected shipping dates during our progress checks.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide you no longer want to continue with the commission, just let me know! You do not have to pay anything beyond your 50% deposit, which I will keep to compensate for my time and materials. I reserve the right to cancel projects if they do not adhere to the original policies outlined.

Click here to download the Commissioned Work Agreement which we would both sign and date should you choose to commission an original painting from me.

Would you like to gift a painting to a loved one? Would you like to add a painting to your wedding or baby shower registry? Contact me to discuss the process.