"The Sound of Cicadas," a 36x48 inch Original Abstract Painting

"The Sound of Cicadas," a 36x48 inch Original Abstract Painting


A part of my forthcoming collection of paintings inspired by the MANIA I experience with bipolar disorder.

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From my artist statement for the collection:

This is what mania looks like.
Painting for hours at a time without coming up for air. A million ideas swirling around at once. Talking to employees at the art supply store for like, an hour.
To be manic is to be intense, bold, LOUD.
My mania makes NOISE.
I have learned to appreciate it and let it jump into the driver’s seat when I’m driving myself into the creative process. Let out the wild, celebrate the untamed, let the party within loose onto the canvas.
This is what it looks like when we turn what is dubbed as “mental illness” into a superpower! To me it’s not a disease, it’s my personality and my gift.

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Acrylic on stretched cotton canvas. Painting comes varnished to protect from UV damage and water, and ready to hang!

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