“What I love most about Taylor’s art is that it is a mirror to the heart. It has helped me feel the things I’ve long forgotten about and receive the joy I didn’t think I deserved. Her work is vibrant, powerful, and a must for your home.”
— Ashley B.

Words from Happy Clients


"I just opened my package from you. I cried. They are spectacularly beautiful."

— Kate K.

"Taylor's work is so of my favorite of all time. The depth of color & movement that she manages to work into her pieces are not only visually stunning but evoke feelings within me that I didn't know were possible with art. And these were my thoughts before I even got my own piece! Now that I have my own, I can unwaveringly stand by this statement & am so happy to have something that she created on my walls."

— rhianon H.

"We've been following Taylor's art for months & finally made an order - I only wish we had done it sooner! We absolutely love how the pieces bring our tiny SF apartment to life with vibrant shades & creamy contrasts, & the canvas edges bring a beautiful multidimensionality to the framing. The artwork traveled cross-country in perfect condition with a thoughtful note from Taylor herself. Taylor's obvious talent for art as well as her consciousness for serving others shines through in all she does - we'd highly recommend her for future work."

— abby d.

"Taylor's exceptional works awaken the soul within, stirring movement & expressing feelings in ways that most abstract art does not."

— Jeremy C.


"Taylor is such a gifted artist & intuitive painter. It took the tiniest idea from me, & she helped me decide on several pieces that were perfect for my home. Her use of color & movement are such a joy to see every day! I appreciate her love of this work, & it comes across in absolutely everything she does. I couldn't be more thrilled!" 

— amanda j.

"I could totally get lost in your art, the colours, the textures, the emotion. I feel it could unlock so much healing to brokenness & so much hope in chaos. And when I'm not reflecting it also makes me wanna dance!"

— Amy l.

"When I look at your art, I feel like I'm looking at a living piece. Your art is so vivid, wild, & coordinated. I feel a calmness with it, like I'm looking at something kindred."

— kristen t.

"Your work makes me feel like you were able to pluck a moment from the back of my mind & transfer it to canvas, inexplicably capturing emotion, time, & movement in a single unexplainable snapshot & I'm mesmerized every time."

— Becky r.