“What I love most about Taylor’s art is that it is a mirror to the heart. It has helped me feel the things I’ve long forgotten about and receive the joy I didn’t think I deserved. Her work is vibrant, powerful, and a must for your home.”
— Ashley B.

Words from Happy Clients


"Taylor's work is so of my favorite of all time. The depth of color & movement that she manages to work into her pieces are not only visually stunning but evoke feelings within me that I didn't know were possible with art. And these were my thoughts before I even got my own piece! Now that I have my own, I can unwaveringly stand by this statement & am so happy to have something that she created on my walls."

— rhianon H.

"I just opened my package from you. I cried. They are spectacularly beautiful."

— Kate K.


"Taylor's exceptional works awaken the soul within, stirring movement & expressing feelings in ways that most abstract art does not."

— Jeremy C.

"We've been following Taylor's art for months & finally made an order - I only wish we had done it sooner! We absolutely love how the pieces bring our tiny SF apartment to life with vibrant shades & creamy contrasts, & the canvas edges bring a beautiful multidimensionality to the framing. The artwork traveled cross-country in perfect condition with a thoughtful note from Taylor herself. Taylor's obvious talent for art as well as her consciousness for serving others shines through in all she does - we'd highly recommend her for future work."

— abby d.

"I could totally get lost in your art, the colours, the textures, the emotion. I feel it could unlock so much healing to brokenness & so much hope in chaos. And when I'm not reflecting it also makes me wanna dance!"

— Amy l.

"When I look at your art, I feel like I'm looking at a living piece. Your art is so vivid, wild, & coordinated. I feel a calmness with it, like I'm looking at something kindred."

— kristen t.

"Taylor is such a gifted artist & intuitive painter. It took the tiniest idea from me, & she helped me decide on several pieces that were perfect for my home. Her use of color & movement are such a joy to see every day! I appreciate her love of this work, & it comes across in absolutely everything she does. I couldn't be more thrilled!" 

— amanda j.

“Thank you so much I’m so happy!!! My new painting just brings me so much joy and positive energy!”

- Agathe S.

“I have always created, but only recently decided to take the full on dive into respecting my creations enough to call myself an artist. Taylor has helped me bloom in countless ways. I, myself, struggle with mental illness but I find such encouragement in the fact that not only is she DOING IT, but she is so open and real that it makes me feel like I can, too. I always felt that because my cycles of depression and struggle changed my styles that I couldn’t be successful. That people wouldn’t take me seriously because I seemed inconsistent. What others view as weakness, Taylor has turned into a superpower, and I hope to be as amazing as her some day.”

- Jaye F.

"Your work makes me feel like you were able to pluck a moment from the back of my mind & transfer it to canvas, inexplicably capturing emotion, time, & movement in a single unexplainable snapshot & I'm mesmerized every time."

— Becky r.

“Taylor’s art is so expressive and lively, it brings me joy while simultaneously putting me at peace. Her work varies based on emotions and lets you truly feel what she was feeling.”

- Josée L.

“I’ve admired Taylor and her work online for months. She’s an artist that makes me feel, and then she turns that feeling into a work of art that makes me feel some more. Receiving a piece of art from Taylor was like opening a present on Christmas morning!”

- Asha T.

“I love all of Taylor’s work! As someone who works closely with individuals who have disabilities and mental health disorders, Taylor’s work is inspiring to both me and the individuals I work with! Her passion and advocacy means so much to those who have had the opportunity to come across her artwork and story!”

- Hannah B.