"Praise Hands," an original 30x40 inch abstract painting

"Praise Hands," an original 30x40 inch abstract painting


“Rose-Colored Glasses,” an original 30x40 inch abstract painting.It is pictured unstretched, but will be shipped stretched.


I actually had a beautiful experience while I was having a panic attack. I called my local crisis line to talk it out, and as Loraine guided me through breathing she explained that sometimes panic sets off all of the nerves in our bodies like fireworks.

And that is exactly what it felt like. I felt tingly from head to toe, like every single nerve in my body had been replaced by fireworks.

It was just the thing I needed to snap back to reality, and my art. What would it look like if I created my own firework show on the canvas? Maybe not literal fireworks, but something just as bright and exciting. Something that sort of resembled what a panic attack felt like. I wanted to take agony and turn it into fireworks.

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Acrylic on stretched cotton canvas. Painting comes varnished to protect from UV damage and water, and ready to hang!

Please allow two weeks for me to process and ship your order. During this time I am getting this canvas stretched, varnished, and safely packaged. If you need your painting sooner for a special gift-giving occasion, please inform me immediately so that I can rush your order!

This painting is shipped via USPS Parcel Select Mail, and costs $40 to ship. I will invoice you (domestic in the USA) for $40 shipping charges to cover this fee if you do not select that option at checkout. I do ship Internationally, so if you are not in the USA please choose the International Flat Rate for Paintings at checkout, and I will invoice you with an estimate for shipping cost once I know your address. I ship the painting still attached to its wooden frame (this requires extra shipping material to ensure that your painting does not suffer damage during shipment), and postage cost varies depending on how far away you live from me.