"You Wouldn't Stop Running," an original 20x20 abstract floral painting

"You Wouldn't Stop Running," an original 20x20 abstract floral painting


Pumpkin tinted buds bring energy to the backdrop shades of strawberry cream. These soft, ethereal hues are balanced with moss green and earthy blues.

This fall I began to paint florals. I did this because that's mostly what I remember grandma painting - flowers on door hangers, flowers on birdhouses, flowers on stained glass, and crocheting flowers into quilts. She grew flowers and other plants in the yard and in the house, So, thinking about my grandma, I just started painting flowers. And while doing this, I knew that she could see me.

This piece evokes the energy and promise of reunion with loved ones.

"You Wouldn't Stop Running" is an original floral/abstract acrylic painting on stretched cotton canvas that measures 20x20 inches.

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Acrylic on stretched cotton canvas. Painting comes varnished to protect from UV damage and water, and ready to hang!

Please allow two weeks for me to process and ship your order. During this time I am getting this canvas stretched, varnished, and safely packaged. If you need your painting sooner for a special gift-giving occasion, please inform me immediately so that I can rush your order!

This painting is shipped via USPS Priority Mail.