Let's Paint Together LIVE! Online Workshop BUNDLE

Let's Paint Together LIVE! Online Workshop BUNDLE


From June - July 2018, I hosted a series of live workshops from my studio! We painted together for OVER TWO HOURS each session, covering color theory, composition, how to rescue a “lost” painting, how to start from scratch, how to keep painting when you’re depressed, how to price your work, and more!

When you purchase this bundle, you will receive the recordings to all three of the workshops’ recordings, as well as supplemental materials which include:

10 Tips for Getting Out of Your Creative Rut (the ebook)
Let’s Paint Together LIVE Workbook
(25 pages of exercises to help you hone your artistic style)
My Essential Art Materials (a glorious shopping list)

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This is what you get when you sign up:

  • Access to the 3 workshop recordings (over 2 hours each) - with lifetime access!

  • A workbook full of exercises to do before and after the live sessions, as well as my ebook on getting out of a creative rut!

  • An art supply list of my favorite tools, including the ones I used in the workshops!


What do I talk about in the sessions?

  • How I start a painting (specifically how I build an underpainting and then build on top of that)

  • Color mixing and how to create a great color palette

  • Favorite brushes and mark-making techniques that make your "handwriting" into unique styles!

  • Creating something similar to the style of the paintings pictured above

  • How to paint when you’re depressed

  • How to channel mental illness into expressive artwork

  • Self care for artists

  • Using acrylic mediums to manipulate the flow and stiffness of your paint

  • The principles of design

  • How to price your artwork and why



Once you have signed up for the bundle, you will receive a PDF to download. That PDF will have links to the webpages where I have embedded the workshop videos, and on those webpages you'll find your supplemental materials as well!